Local Mexican Buffet

Mexican cuisine is among the most popular types of cuisine in the United States. The reason for this lies in its expert mix of spices, meats, and vegetables and at Margarita's Mexican Restaurant we offer authentic homemade Mexican food with all of these delicious and fresh ingredients.

We are the best local Mexican buffet in the Maryville, TN, area, and we assure you that we’ll provide you with delicious authentic Mexican food. Margarita's Mexican Restaurant assures you that you’ll enjoy our delicious tacos, enchiladas and sopes. We season, marinade and cook everything from scratch and we always provide fresh salsas and tortillas for our buffet!

Our delicious food selection is diverse, from our delectable burritos and delicious quesadillas, you’ll not only fall in love with our food but you’ll be amazed by our fast customer service and great prices! If you’re looking for a great Mexican restaurant in Maryville, TN, Margarita's Mexican Restaurant is the place to be. Dine with us today!